3 Phases of Fitness and Personal Training Made Simple... But Effective!

3 Phases of Fitness Made Simple… But Effective!

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Fitness is a journey, and, it’s important to love the journey as much as you love the results. Think of it like a long road trip.

You’re excited to get the whole family to Disneyland…
But you have certain milestones along the trip to keep everyone happy, engaged,
And feeling like they’re getting closer to their ultimate destination.
So, there might be a fun Diner you want the kiddos to get excited about,
Then, a really cool outlet mall they’ll love,
And before Disneyland,
maybe there’s an ultimate toy store they’ll be excited to explore.
Whatever those milestones are, they will remember and love them
Just like they’ll remember and love Disneyland. It’s all part of the journey!
That’s our approach to Health & Fitness. We want you to love the journey AND the results!


Phase I: Personal Training Assessment

The first stop on your fitness road trip is our 3-Part Personal Training Assessment. This is the best way to get started because you see firsthand:
  • Your Starting Point

    Many People Are Simultaneously Shocked By How Athletic They Already Are

  • Where You Struggle

    It’s Not Always ALL FITNESS That People Struggle With, Only Certain Movements

  • What You’re Capable Of

    After Your Assessment, You’ll Have That Feeling of “Let’s Go!” Empowerment

It’s amazing when someone challenges you to do something,
And you either do it better than you thought you could,
Or you struggle with it and start working on getting better at it.
Either way, just the challenge sets you on a path to getting better at something, right?

Phase II: 1-On-1 Training

The Challenge has been set and you’re ready to improve! You’re 1/3 of the way through your journey to your ultimate fitness destination.
The best way to capitalize on this motivation,
And start seeing results is working 1-on-1 with a specialist.
So many times a person will get really excited and motivated,
But when push comes to shove,
Life starts getting in the way and it’s a whole lot easier to convince themselves they need to skip a workout
Or not prepare healthy foods than it is for them to convince a personal trainer.
We all need an assist to level up and this, this is yours. Every journey needs pit stops for gas and water, right?

Phase III: Group Training

You’re almost there, 5 miles until Disneyland, if you will…
The final, and frankly,
The BEST — Part of this journey
Is getting together with like-minded people who all have the same destination!
Group training brings the entire first 2/3 of your journey into an amazingly fun culmination of kicking- butt,
Getting healthy, lean, and overall fit. It’s the high-five, fist-bump camaraderie that helps you sprint across the finish line.
Fitness is a self-satisfying team sport. It matters to the individual, to the group, and to everyone you love and care about. Ready?
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