3 Quick Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

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healthiest-diet-weight-lossLosing weight can be a challenging and difficult journey. Here are a few tips to help get you started! If you want more come see us at StoneAgeFuel and we can start you on the journey to health and happiness.

1) Eat more veggies and less processed foods. Your plate should be more than halfway filled with vegetables at every meal. To make it easy buy steamer bags and steam all your veggies ahead of time so they become a quick go to snack!

2) Don’t over eat and only eat when you’re hungry. Try to eat only one serving and eat slowly. There is no scientific reason to eat six times a day. We have signals that our bodies give us when we are hungry and when these signals are not present we have no reason to eat.

3) Avoid liquid calories as these are the number one reason people do not lose weight or have a hinderance to their weight loss. When you consume liquid calories (protein shake, green smoothies, etc) you encourage your body to release insulin, which spikes your blood sugar and makes you hungry a short time after. This puts you on a hunger roller coaster throughout the day and is a major contributor to why we cannot lose weight effectively!

This is a great start to losing weight and getting on track towards a journey to health and fitness!

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