3 Reasons Why Sleep Is So Important!

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sleep is super important!

Sleep is often considered one of those things only lazy or unmotivated people get to do. It is always the thing we sacrifice the most and something that makes us suffer the most at the same time. We do this to ourselves out of what we think is necessity and we generally do it over a long period of time.

Why is sleep so incredibly important in our lives and especially important for those trying to follow a healthy lifestyle?

1) Sleep deprivation mimics the aging process. When you’re sleep deprived your skin shows uneven skin pigmentation and reduced skin elasticity and as a result your skin has a weakened ability to repair itself at night.

2) When sleep deprived, the hormone, Ghrelin, which signals the body to eat will have increased plasma levels and you will feel more hungry throughout the day. When you are not sleep deprived, the hormone,Leptin, which signals the body to stop eating will have increased plasma levels and you will not feel as hungry throughout the day.

3) Sleep deprivation is often accompanied with an increase in Cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that increases blood pressure, blood sugar and reduces immune responses and it can also be the culprit behind the stubborn lower belly fat. This increase in Cortisol is usually in the afternoon and early evening and can be a player in memory loss and aging as well. So, to sleep as comfortably as one can, with no posture problems, one can get a memory foam mattress from an online mattress sale and sleep peacefully.

How to we stop this sleep deprivation madness from happening and go back to stress free living? In reality the answer is easy! All you need to do is sleep 6-10 hours a night in a dark room with no artificial light (TV, night light etc). Everybody is different and will need varying amounts of sleep so play with it and make the ultimate commitment to your health by sleeping your face off!
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