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Getting started with us is super easy and a great experience for everyone! We promise our gym is not scary or intimidating in fact it is just the opposite! Here are 3 tips for getting started with us:

1. Schedule a free 1-on-1 introductory training session with us. The free 1-on-1 is designed to allow you to be in an environment where you can ask all the questions you have, get a tour of the facility, learn a bit about our methods and philosophies, do a sample workout and really see if StoneAgeFuel is a good fit for you!

2. Complete our fundamentals program. This program is designed to prepare you for our group classes with specific benchmarks designed to set you up for success. During the fundamentals program you will be taught everything you need to know from fitness to nutritional help from a StoneAgeFuel coach. After graduating from our fundamentals program you will be confident and prepared to join the group classes!

3. Join our group classes and be ready to make friends, get fit and have FUN! It will be one of the best and most rewarding decisions of your life!

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