4 Reasons Why StoneAgeFuel is a great place to bring kids!

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We love when our members bring their kids into the gym and here are a few reasons why we think StoneAgeFuel is a great place to bring them!


1) Parents feel comfortable bringing their kids into StoneAgeFuel, as it is a very welcoming environment! No skulls, death metal, or scary stuff in the gym our members children even recognize the blue and orange gym colors and “Kenzo” the caveman!

2) The kids at StoneAgeFuel start to see their parents working out and want to mimic it. This creates the idea that fitness is a normal and fun thing to do! These kids will sit outside the classes and pretend to do the movements their parents are doing. Parents also feel comfortable bringing their kids to the gym as we have created a safe and fun environment for them to be in while parents workout.

3) Most of our parents tell us that the kids ask to go to the gym all the time and get mad when they can’t go! StoneAgeFuel is a like a magical play land that all the kids want to go to and never want to leave!

4) The StoneAgeFuel kids program is designed with the idea of making fitness fun for kids and creates a “want to come back” mentality for the kids. In fact they usually cry, because they don’t want to leave!

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