5 Kinds Of People Who Should Train With Us

 In General, StoneAgeFuel

While fitness and health gains are, of course, good for anyone and everyone, training with us and becoming part of our social community goes so far beyond just fitness improvements.

Think of us like the greatest network of successful and diverse individuals you’ll find anywhere in this city.

If you’re one of the following five types of people, you will do particularly well with us.

5. New in town

Remember how easy it was to meet a new friend when you were 5?

“How old are you?”


“Me too.”

“Do you want to play?”

Meeting new friends as an adult isn’t always as easy as it was in the grade school or even college days, especially when you move to a new town or city.

Joining our gym instantly gives you a social life as you build your new life in a new place. Before you know it, you’ll have a group of close friends with like-minded interests.

4. New moms

One of the things new moms often complain about it having “baby brain.” Lack of sleep, not to mention spending your days baby-talking, is enough to make you temporarily crazy.

Giving yourself an hour to yourself to do something healthy like workout, not to mention an hour where you get to converse with other adults, goes a long way in keeping you sane.

It’s also a great way to meet other moms, who have kids of a similar age. In fact, many of our maternity leave moms train at the same time as other moms. They bring their toddlers with them, who entertain each other while their mom’s workout.

3. You love to have fun

We’re 100% about all the fun all the time. We do get serious about getting our workouts done, but you’ll be hard pressed to find us serious after that. Look away for a second and you’ll often find out members dancing to 90’s hip-hop or 80’s classic rock!

2. Business owners

Whether you own a hair salon, a construction or landscaping company or you’re an interior decorator or photographer, being part of our community instantly connects you with the perfect demographic of people to consume your product or service.

Being part of our community if you’re a business owner is better than any forced networking event you have been to. Connection and builds more trust naturally this way. And as a bonus, you will get more fit as you generate potential business.

1. People who like Pizza and Tacos

Let’s be honest we all LOVE pizza and/or tacos on occasion and at StoneAgeFuel we’re no different. While we do take our health seriously and we prioritize our fitness to be incredibly important to us.

We also understand that people are people and people LOVE delicious food on occasion! That’s why we often invite our whole gym to Pizza Fridays or Taco Tuesdays. Sometimes all it takes is a nice cheat meal to turn that frown upside down!

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