5 Reasons every mom should do CrossFit at StoneAgeFuel

5 Reasons every mom should do CrossFit

 In StoneAgeFuel

Here are some great reasons from many of our moms on why CrossFit at StoneAgeFuel is a great idea for them!

1) CrossFit gives you the STRENGTH to carry your kids (or other daily objects):

“I can pull my 40lb preschooler onto my shoulders with ease when she gets tired and have no problem walking around with her for long periods of time”

“I can lift a 40 lb of kitty litter over my head with one arm from the bottom of the Costco cart into the back of my SUV. Also, the cashiers pack all my items in one box because I “look like I have no problem handling it.”

2) CrossFit gives you KNOWLEDGE of the importance in health and fitness:

“Satisfaction that I am starting my girls off on the right foot and setting a good example. “I want to be strong like mommy” is the best compliment in the world!”

3) CrossFit gives you a second FAMILY:

“Gaining new friends on the same path and growing a safe and supportive community. It takes a village!”

“Teaching my girls fitness is not a punishment, the gym is a place to look forward to going, not a place to dread.”

4) CrossFit ENGAGES the entire family in activity:

“Using burpees for punishment doesn’t work because the kids have learned to like burpees.”

5) CrossFit is a great STRESS reliever:

Let’s face it, life is stressful. Being a mom can be even more stressful. So take an hour for yourself and relieve a little stress while you’re turning into a STRONG MOMMA!

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