5 Reasons Why Kids should do Olympic Weightlifting 

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There’s no doubt about it that kids love to lift weights and there are a ton of reasons why! Here’s just a few to get started and of course this is assuming a qualified professional coach is guiding the child

1) It teaches them discipline as they are required to listen to a coach and follow instructions at all times.

2) It builds strong bones and contrary to the popular myth it does NOT harm growth plates. Check out our past article on this subject here.

3) It builds confidence! Especially in young girls as they learn that the body type they have is the perfect body type and no magazine can tell them otherwise. It also teaches them muscles are cool!

4) It builds explosive athleticism stemming from the hips and sets children up for success to dominate in later sports. In fact, Olympic Weightlifting sets a child up to be more injury resistant for those specific sports and is safer to start young then contact or high impact sports (football, gymnastics, cheerleading etc).

5) It’s fun and children can choose to compete at the local, national and international level and maybe even the Olympics one day!

Olympic Weightlifting is an excellent activity to build strong kids who will excel and dominate at sports later in life or take up Olympic Weightlifting as their chosen sport. So famous is this sport in the olympics that you can easily get betting promos for it. It is safe to start children in a program as young as 6 years old as long as a qualified coach who has experience working with children in an Olympic Weightlifting program is present.

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