6 Shocking Things that happen When Couples CrossFit Together

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It’s been said that couples that squat together, stay together. Well, I may have made that up but it’s actually pretty true! This is what we have found happens when couples work out at CrossFit StoneAgeFuel.

1. You talk to each other more.

Now that you have one more thing in common, the lines of communication are open and more fruitful. You ask what their time was on the workout or if they hit a personal record that day. Now that you both talk the talk and go to the same gym (maybe at different times but that’s ok!), it’s easier to be on the same level.

2. Time together.

While gym time is different than home time,
It’s still nice to be able to spend time working out with each other or as a family. Make standing dates to meet at the gym! Teamwork in the gym is often translated to improved teamwork at home. Bring on those partner workouts!

3. Individuality.

While partner workouts are awesome,
Sometimes it’s nice to do your own thing while in the same room with your person. You may be at different levels of fitness so you can move at your own pace and them with theirs,
But still catch each other’s eye, high five, and push and encourage each other. It works.

3. Compliments.

When they see how hard you push in the gym, they also may notice your results faster then you see them yourself. Get used to hearing things like, “you are looking great!”, “your quads are really starting to pop!”, or “those glutes tho.” Make sure you notice their physique changes and compliment them as well!

4. Elevated mood for both of you.

We all know the line from Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” When you both workout, you feel good. And sexy. Need I say more?

5. A common core of gym friends.

You all know the same people, you do events and meetups outside the gym and no one is creeping on your bae. At CrossFit StoneAgeFuel, we are all family and we are a community. No shadiness allowed.

6. You may have to share….your protein powder,

BCAAs, Kill Cliff, paleo meals and snacks, tape, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, etc.
It will just bring you closer together, right???
Come see us if you and your partner want to make a date at StoneAgeFuel!
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