Learning From the Best To Become the Best


MadLab accredited coaches go through an extensive 2-to-3 year coach development program. This program is accredited via MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, Canada: a provincially accredited and internationally recognized private career training institute. The programs are dedicated to professionalizing the fitness trainer. We take the time making sure our coaches are trained. From academic and technical coaching, to business and sales training, to personal development—this means they’re some of the best in the fitness industry.


Our coaches start by learning basic movement mechanics, and then mastering these movements, before they learn how to coach others. This is done via shadowing senior coaches, by writing online exams, and by taking practical assessments.

Our theory assessments have been developed by Tony Leyland, a Kinesiology professor at Simon Fraser University. The practical elements are developed and managed by Jeremy Jones, mechanical engineer and former owner of a large gym and coaching business.
Coaches are continually educating themselves, through courses, seminars, and by learning from other MadLab facilities to gain knowledge and expertise in various areas: this is another important component of our coach development process.

How is this relevant to you, the client?



Our coaches are some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. They will train you safely through the best and current methods to get you fit and help you reach your health and fitness goals.

But more importantly, your personal coach is a career coach (as opposed to a part-time coach, who will undoubtedly leave the fitness industry by the time he/she turns 25, as is the norm in most gyms right now). This means—like your family doctor—your coach will be there to support you on your journey FOR LIFE.