Why Coaching at a MadLab Facility is Good For You

Personal training studios provide the coach the opportunity to work as a personal trainer. Other affiliates and bootcamps offer the coach the chance to lead group exercise classes. Both models have their strengths and weaknesses: Personal trainers get the chance to connect with clients and cater to their individual needs, where as group exercise coaches get to turn working out into a fun, social and competitive experience.

Their problems, however, lie in the fact that neither the personal trainer or the group exercise coach are able to make a professional living in the fitness industry.

The reality is for most, coaching group exercise means spending more time cheerleading and dealing with logistics than actually coaching and connecting with human beings. And both group exercise coaches and personal trainers often have to work 60-plus exhausting, high-energy hours a week just to earn a mediocre living—which is not sustainable for long. This is why the norm in the fitness industry today is that most trainers don’t last more than a couple years before abandoning the industry for a chance to make a living doing something else.


MadLab-trained coaches are career coaches, who work in facilities that take the best aspects of both personal training and group exercise, to become hybrid facilities that offer coaches the opportunity to make professional livings in the fitness industry.

As a coach with us, this means you’ll go through a two-to-three year coach diploma programMadLab School of Fitness — the only registered vocational school of fitness in North America — where you’ll receive technical training, practical training, sales training, and personal development training, making you one of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. Through our greater MadLab network, you’ll also receive continued education, so you’re always stay up-to-date with the latest trends and science.

One of our other big beliefs is about longevity: The same way we want to keep our clients around for life, we also want to keep our coaches for life. This means you’ll work in a system that helps you avoid burnout. None of our coaches work 40-plus hours a week on the floor—the ideal number to stay fresh is between 20 and 30 hours a week. And we expect and encourage our coaches to take at least one month of vacation a year.

Coach Benefits


Further, being a MadLab coach means you’re given all the entrepreneurial freedom in the world. Often this means becoming an expert in a particular area, such as nutrition, weightlifting, social media or marketing, and selling programs or services related to your specialty knowledge. Not only does this constantly challenge your mind to learn and create, it also means there is no ceiling on what you earn financially.

Finally, once you become a senior coach in a MadLab facility, you’ll have the opportunity to invest in the business and become one of the owners of an established, profitable business.