Why Owning a MadLab Facility is Good For You

So many gym owners wear 10,000 different hats: They’re the head coach, the cleaner, the programmer, the manager, the website developer, the website manager, the secretary, the administrator, the social media nut, the marketer, the salesman—you get the point.


This isn’t the case when you own a MadLab gym. MadLab gym’s are run like a co-op, or law/engineering firm, where coaches share the bulk of the responsibilities, such as coaching, programming, scheduling, posting—freeing up the owner to work on whatever parts of the business need the most attention. In other words, there’s no middle management in MadLab gyms, and you’ll never have to micro-manage employees.

When you follow our business model, it means you won’t need to motivate your coaches to become salesmen. Since their compensation is directly tied to their income—and because they receive professional sales training—they will be motivated to become the best salesmen they can be. In other words, you will no longer feel like the only one who cares about the business’ bottom line.


The same way we expect our coaches to take at least one month of vacation a year, we expect you to be able to take off and unplug whenever you feel you need to recharge your batteries. Our business model is designed so your business runs as smoothly without your presence as it does when you’re on the floor.

And when it comes to other crucial aspects of owning a gym, such as coach development, administration, marketing and programming, you won’t have to worry about developing your own systems. MadLab Group has already done this for you, and you’ll have access to our growing book of evolving resources, including our intensive online library.

Owner Benefits


Another valuable aspect of being part of the MLG is having access and support from the greater MadLab community—other business owners, who you can share ideas with, and ultimately learn from each other so you’re constantly getting better.

Finally, one of our biggest visions for all MadLab facilities—and what our business model is designed to do—is for the owner to build a sellable asset, which he/she can one day sell to his most senior coaches, allowing him to retire and leave a legacy.