Athlete Spotlight: Amber S!

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This weeks Athlete Spotlight goes to Amber S!

Amber S

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.02.31 PMHometown
Sebastian, FL


When did you first start CrossFitting?
April 2014

When did you first start training at StoneAgeFuel?
April 2014

Favorite workout/movement?
Handstand practicing… Turns out I can do it pretty easily. Unlike anything else we do.

Least favorite workout/movement?
Duck walking. Really, I would rather do the wall ball torture thing people keep talking about.

Tell us about your sports/fitness background.
I have been pretty active since high school with soccer and lacrosse but most recently I’ve been running half marathons. Of course this was all before having 2 kids 16 months apart.

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Take us back to your first workout… what was it, and how did it feel?
Erin and Ben Yeung got me interested with all their posting about things I had no idea what they were talking about. And really, I still don’t understand half of the things we talk about. I just do what I’m told or rather shown what to do. My first work out involved trying to learn how to clean for strength. This was followed by a workout of ring rows, kettle bell swings and some form of squatting for as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. Seriously, I thought I was so weak I wondered how I made it through any of life’s functions. And I wasn’t sure I would be able to walk afterwards.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting at StoneAgeFuel? (before/after)
There hasn’t been a whole lot of time between before and after but I feel stronger than before. I’m looking forward to what another 6 months can do for me.

What changes in your life have you experienced from StoneAgeFuel that were totally unexpected?
The enjoyment I get from completing a session. I thought it would be something I just did to get back into the swing of working out. I have definitely come to enjoy my time working out and getting to know the other members.

Please share with us any favorite StoneAgeFuel moments. Finding out I can do a handstand without killing myself. Now to master actual pushups!

Any advice for people just getting started?
Give it your all and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll be able to do!

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit at StoneAgeFuel?
Gardening, reading, playing outdoors with my husband and kids, traveling and occasionally relaxing.

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