Calf on Rig Stretch

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The calf on rig is an effective stretch to help alleviate pain from the ankles and from tight calves. This is great for runners and those who participate in other impact based activities. It is also a very effective stretch to help someone squat below parallel without getting stuck.

The inability to squat below parallel is often not caused by tight hips, but more likely caused from tight ankles that cannot go into enough flexion to allow the body to squat to full depth. Doing this stretch just a few times a week can fix most problems associated with squatting to full depth.

To do this stretch perform the following:

1) Find a wall, rig or anything that you can put your foot against.
2) Place the ball of your foot on the flat surface with your heel firmly planted.
3) Drive your body forward without bending the knee. Do this for 20-30 sec then rest for 5 sec and do it again trying to go a bit further. Do this for 3-5 rounds.
4) Repeat the above steps, but now drive your body forward by bending at the knee. Do the same intervals as above.

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