Cleanses….Because Science

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We’ve seen plently of different cleanses advertised all the time all over the place. Many people choose to follow these cleanses either, because they found a specific pain point that that cleanse touched or because a friend told them it would work.

The question is: do cleanses actually work and why or why not? The first thing we need to look at is the claim most often purported by cleanses that they “detox” the body. Now what does that even mean?

Detox is defined as: a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic of unhealthy substances.

From a scientific perspective and looking at the human body and how it works a cleanse can’t really do anything to rid the body of toxins. Because the body already has three organs that are very efficient a ridding the body of toxins and these organs are constantly working. These organs are the liver, kidneys and the intestines. These organs filter out the supposed toxins cleanses claim to remove every time you go to the bathroom.

The next problem with cleanses is that they tend to be liquid from fruits and vegetables. After juicing there is no fiber left to aid in digestion and because of the enormous amount of sugar it leaves your insulin spiked, which is not a good thing when we’re trying to stay in a healthy homeostasis. Cleanses also have the issue that as soon as you go off the cleanse you will gain any weight you lost back due to eating solid foods again thereby negating any supposed benefits in terms of weight loss.

Instead of trying out a new expensive and  painstaking cleanse just stick with a good diet that consists of meats, veggies, a little fruit and some starches to support exercise or activity. Doing this will keep your body in optimal condition and will not yield the negative results of a cleanse.

The bottom line is that cleanses don’t work. They are sold with targeting people’s pain points and then selling them hopes and dreams based on fantasy and not real science. So the next time you see a new trendy cleanse some celebrity is doing just avoid it and make a commitment to starting a healthy lifestyle instead!

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