Do Sit-Ups Really Matter?

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Do sit-ups really matter?

We’ve all been at the point in our lives when we wanted the glorious six pack and ultimately end up on a mission to get it! This might be after watching Rocky and listening to the theme song “Gonna Fly Now” or anything else that might be inspiring.

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The question is though….do we need to do sit-ups to get a rocking set of abs? In a nutshell, no they’re not as important as a few other things. Those being:

1) 20min or less of a cardio based movement. This can be anything from burpees to squats to rowing or running. Preferably this will be circuit style where you do each movement with little to no rest between sets. Shoot for three times per week for this.

2)Weight training, because after a good weight training session you will burn fat for hours after your training session. In fact you can burn for 12 hours+ post workout! Focus on the major lifts like: pressing, squatting and deadlifting. Try to get in 1-2 weight training sessions per week.Progress not perfection at StoneAgeFuel Fitness Reno (CrossFit StoneAgeFuel)

3)Thinking that hours on the treadmill will be the answer. Commonly those who choose to do cardio sessions for an hour or longer will develop higher cortisol levels and then the fat around the lower belly will start to accumulate and will never go away. Instead of these longer intense session go for a slow walk around your neighborhood. You’ll burn more fat by doing that than you will with a long intense cardio session!

4) Thinking that you can out train a bad diet. No one can train hard everyday and get the results they want without focusing on and eating a healthy diet. You don’t need to start anything crazy either. Just focus on eating a 6oz piece of protein and fill the rest of your plate with veggies and you’re off to a great start!

Getting those abs is a long and difficult journey, but if you focus on these points and less on doing a million sit-ups you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling as healthy as you’ve ever felt!

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