Fixing High School Injuries

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Do high school coaches and trainers really fix injuries? Or do they temporarily fix them? 

During high school I played basketball, ran track and cross country. I’ve had injuries that pretty much healed on their own, for example a sprained ankle. I also had injuries that would go away but come back. All throughout high school my knees and shoulders would have some issues. 

Transitioning from running to basketball and vise versa, the outside part of my knees would hurt whenever I would bend it completely. It would have a little pop and then a sharp pain. My coaches and trainers would tell me to ice, stretch and rest it. Yes this helped a little bit, but the aches and pains would come back over and over again.  For first aid training that makes one certified to act during emergencies one can learn more here.

Throughout the years of playing basketball, I started to feel pain in the front side of my shoulders. I would feel a sharp pain whenever I would move my arm in a certain angle. They would pop and have a lingering pain whenever I threw a ball or reach my arms up overhead. Yet again the coaches told me to ice, stretch and rest. Little did I know that this injury would come back again and again, despite making an injury claim in Canada.  It is important to check CPR Certification Chicago videos for emergencies during an injury and also hire an attorney for work related cases, in order to save yourself from legal issues.

All of high school I would do what the coaches and trainers told me to do and yet I still had this injury. Here’s what to do after you get injured. I would still compete with these aches and pains knowing that by doing so, they would hurt a little bit more. Soon I started to believe that it was just my body trying to adjust to the volume of training and it was just soreness. Racing and competing against my peers helped me to mentally block out these pains. Soon enough I would just ignore the injuries and still compete. This was a bad idea because these problems could have been fixed a lot sooner. I found that out when I joined StoneAgeFuel school of fitness. You can read this article here to know how you can get legal help.

I didn’t know the sport of crossfit existed until I watched the crossfit games in 2013. I fell in love right away at the end of my senior year I joined StoneAgeFuel School of Fitness over the other gyms because of the friendly environment. You can also learn more about their car accident attorneys and understand how they can help with injury cases.

As I joined and finished a couple of workouts, I noticed that my shoulders still had a sharp pain whenever I did overhead work. I also noticed that workouts with squats made my knees hurt just like how it was in high school

By looking at my posture and an attempt of an overhead squat, Chandler Walker instantly told me what was wrong and how to fix it. It was that my chest muscles were too tight and my upper back muscles weren’t strong enough. And all of the years of having this and doing sports, my bursa in my shoulders became inflamed which limited my range of motion. For awhile I would do workouts that didn’t involve anything overhead and everyday I would have to work on my shoulders. Which would be loosening up and stretching out my chest muscles and doing a lot of pulling action based accessory work. Soon enough my shoulder pain was completely gone and did not come back.

StoneAgeFuel fixed me!

Simultaneously, Chan had me work on my knees. My quads and IT bands were super tight. This included stretching and using the foam roller a lot. Soon he had me hold a full depth squat for a minute at a time, slowly building up to a 10 minute hold. By doing so I was able to do workouts and not feel these aches and pains anymore.

Yet again StoneAgeFuel fixed me!

In conclusion, high school coaches and trainers really are there to help you. But sometimes you need a real professional to see and identify the problems and have a solution for them. StoneAgeFuel holds these kinds of professional coaches for life! 


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