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The StoneAgeFuel Fluff to Tuff challenge is set to kick off Saturday January 11 at 12pm with a talk about what to expect, common pitfalls and general information.  After the talk we will take everyones measurements and pictures so wear something you are comfortable taking a picture in!

This is a 30 day challenge for StoneAgeFuel members and a 21 day challenge for non members.  Why 21 or 30 days?  From our experience when introducing a new eating program to people 21 days is the magic number to allow people to stick to the program and not become so overwhelmed that they hate it.  We want this to be a lifestyle change, not just a random competition.  Your health and well being is our priority and we would like this to have a lasting impact on you and hopefully you can bring this lifestyle to your family and friends.  Challenges that last 60, 90 or more days tend to force people to fall off the wagon as soon as it ends, because of the amount of time committed to maintaining a perfect diet.

Each participant will get a StoneAgeFuel Fluff to Tuff log book and a finisher T-Shirt that we designed 100% ourselves.  These are not log books printed from a random CrossFit website and then branded with our logo.  All the information in the log books is created by the StoneAgeFuel team and outlines the recommendations that have allowed us to helps thousands of others in the past. We are very proud of this and hope you enjoy it as well!

It contains:
-30 days of log space for meals, sleep, how you feel and your workouts
-30 day meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
-The StoneAgeFuel Weight Loss and Athletic Protocols
-The StoneAgeFuel Supplement Guide
-Before/After picture and measurements page

Look for a series of blog posts every week devoted to answering questions and helping you get through the challenge unscathed! Finally we will record the lecture so attendance is not mandatory to participate in the challenge. If you cannot attend and still want to participate please call us or email us to schedule a time to take your measurements and pictures at [email protected]

Click HERE to register is you have not already done so.

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