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Triple decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Filled with 4 Oreos, whey protein, and honey. All downed with chocolate milk, if this didn’t make you hungry, I don’t know what to tell you. 

Ever since middle school I’ve always wanted to gain weight. Why? Because I was simply smaller than everyone else. Being lightweight was ok for track and cross country but it was different with basketball. All the guys who weighed just a bit more were quicker and stronger putting me at a disadvantage in the game of ball. 

Playing basketball was pretty difficult for me to understand in middle school, but as high school came around I realized it was a contact sport. Whenever you drove into the hoop, bodies were all over you and you just had to be strong in order to finish the shot. That one shot could’ve been the difference between winning and losing. Freshman year I was barely 5 foot tall weighing just about 95 pounds. Pretty pathetic I know. I didn’t run track or cross country this year, but I did play basketball. I was pretty quick and was able to get a lot of steals but once someone bumped into me, I would topple over very easily.

The next year I gained 15 pounds naturally, I was still small but I just grew a little taller. At this point I was 120 pounds. Later in the years I stayed around 130-135 pounds even with having a weights class. I was still a lot smaller than the other guys but I had was able to finish strong inside the paint while playing basketball. 

Right before graduating high school, I started CrossFit and olympic weightlifting at StoneAgeFuel. I competed as a 62 kilo lifter, doing all these different movements with weights I was naturally gaining a couple of pounds. So every weightlifting meet I would have to cut weight to lift at the 62kg class. I was tired of cutting and just wanted to keep gaining weight. 

After the caffeine and kilos meet in 2015 I decided to get into what I like to call my gains phase. Everyday I would’ve ate a triple decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich filled with 4 oreos, whey protein, and honey while slamming a pint of Ben and Jerry’s a night. I would also drink a half a gallon of chocolate milk a day and on top of that I would be taking creatine and protein shakes. I stayed away from high intensity for a bit and stuck with heavy barbell movements for multiple times a day. This was a recipe for diabetes and injury. 

Good thing I had such great coaches to help supervise this crazy attempt of gaining weight. On top of the workouts that I was doing, I would have a series of accessory movements to help prevent injuries. Soon I became sick and tired of eating this much sugar and eating a lot of unhealthy calories. I gained a couple of pounds, but that was just an unhealthy way in doing so. 

The minute I changed up my diet from crazy sugary foods and excessive amounts of milk to lean meats, more vegetables, and not binge eating led me to gaining more weight. By doing so, over the months of motivation from Chan and Steph, I went from 135 to 150 pounds. They’ve kept me accountable on what I was eating and helped me stay on top of my injury prevention exercises. 

Thanks to all the weightlifting and gaining weight, I noticed whenever I go out to play basketball that I’m a lot more agile and powerful. I also noticed that my body is able to take the beating of all the changing of direction. Before I discovered StoneAgeFuel, I had aches and pains in my ankles, knees, hips and lower back from playing basketball. StoneAgeFuel helped my be able to fix these problems and strengthen my body and being able to play basketball without any of the aches and pains. 

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