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At StoneAgeFuel we have the goal of preparing people to be fit for whatever life throws at them. This fit for life goal begins on a scale where sickness, pain or even injury is often plaguing the person and in the journey towards fitness each person will pass through wellness and finally to fitness.

Stopping at wellness is simply not enough as once we reach this milestone we start to feel that sense of accomplishment and with this sense comes the feeling of wanting more for yourself. When we reach fitness we have finally attained the state of happiness we have desired for so long. This state is individualized based on what your ultimate reflection of fitness is. It may be running a marathon, lifting heavy weights, being able to keep up with the kids or being fit enough to not hurt throughout the day. We work with many different people with many different goals and plenty of ideas of the ideal fitness and we understand that each and every person is unique in their goals. This is why there is no cookie cutter approach to fitness. Teaching proper eating habits is also part of this journey to fitness, because in order to reach your goals, nutrition must be at the top of your list.

When we are fit for life we are capable of putting an object in a high shelf without hurting our shoulders, picking up a box off the ground without tweaking our backs and being able to run and play with the kids without losing our breath and this fitness never really leaves us if we maintain it. So ask yourself this…is it important to have this fitness as we age? Do you want those around you to have to take care of you or do you want to be independent into your old age and always feel young?

Always remember “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago….the second best time was today”

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