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I just want to look AND feel better so I can live a long, great life!

Is this what you’re thinking, but more often than not find yourself saying: “what I’m doing now is clearly not working”

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Have you ever thought of why it’s not working?

Well we have a little secret to share with you…it’s not working, because the things we do like running, biking and yoga are often one dimensional practices.

We know what you’re thinking: What does that even mean?

Well it means that you are limited in what you get for your training…

Now is there a way to achieve the fitness you always dreamed of, stay on track to reach your goals and have fun while doing it?
We believe there is!
When you train with us you will see both fitness and body composition improvements
We will get you functionally fit by doing movements you will mimic in both sport and life

You will have more speed, power and endurance for…playing sports, your libido will increase and you will have more energy for everyday life.

Things like carrying 4 grocery bags up 5 flights of stairs, running to make your flight at the airport terminal or just trying to keep up with your kids on the ski hill

You will get your youthful fitness back to make all these activities easy again!

And on top of that you will be working with some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the fitness industry. These guys go through a three year apprenticeship program to get the title Coach for Life.
With us you get a coach for life, someone who realizes everyone is different and will work to understand your goals, injury history and needs.

Your coach will guide you through both 1-on-1 personal training and group classes.

We believe a combination of these two work best to keep you motivated to get and stay fit for life
We also understand the benefit of community support and having fun
Getting fit isn’t going to be easy, in fact it’s going to be hard but you will enjoy getting fit and being part of a really fun community
You will become friends with those who you sweat with and you will have a group of people supporting you along the way

Keeping you fit for life is our ultimate mission

We want you killing it on the basketball court in your 20’s, vibrant and virile in your 50’s and independently feisty in your 90’s

And we will be there to support your through your entire journey

All you have to do is take that first step and we will take every other step with you

Take that step today and book a complimentary consultation today!

CrossFit Stone Age Fuel

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