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The Snatch from the high hang is an excellent position to understand how the bar should work as its pulled up without the difficulty of clearing the knees. Beginner lifters should work from this position for a period of 3-6 months before going from the floor. For more advanced lifters this can be an excellent tool for developing strength from positions!

To do the Snatch from the high hang do the following:

1) Start by sitting straight back into the power position

2) Turn the knuckles towards the floor and push the butt and knees back and let the barbell down to right above the knee. Now you’re in the high hang position.

3) To start the lift you should pull the bar back to scoop it into the hips and simultaneously jump. It’s important to keep the weight centered the entire lift and not go onto your toes early as you jump.

3) Pull the bar up and then pull yourself under the bar. Spread the bar and push up as you catch.

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