I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hangry! 

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Hangry Steph at StoneAgeFuel Fitness Reno (CrossFit StoneAgeFuel)

We’ve all been there. Hanging out living the dream when all of a sudden it hits. You’re hungry, then life grabs you by the horns and you don’t get to eat. This turns into a raging attitude where everything and everyone makes you want to punch through a brick wall. Once this is over and you’ve had a meal and time to reflect on your hangriness the next step is to go and apologize to everyone who was within 500ft of you. It all starts with “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hangry”

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So in a nutshell we get hangry from not having fuel in the brain and the brain feeds the prefrontal cortex (the front part of the brain) which handles self control and personality. Low fuel in the brain = lower self control = more aggressive behavior = HANGRY!!!

Now how do we combat this kraken of angriness? First off be sure to eat a good meal at the first sign of hunger and don’t avoid eating no matter how busy you are. Your productivity and friends will thank you later. Finally if you’ve entered the dark realm of hangriness then you should quickly find an acceptable snack and this can be trail mix, fruit, unsweetened coconut flakes or even the best choice scenario a WHOLE meal of meat and veggies!

Happy non hangry Steph!

Be sure you don’t just rush in for the quick fix like grabbing a delicious and satisfying cookie or candy bar, because this will only mask the hangriness for a short period of time until it rears its ugly head again.
Now get out there and spread the word, start an anti-hangry coalition and work to end this terrible and sometimes friend reducing travesty!

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