It’s more than PRs!

 In General, Olympic Weightlifting

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to get a PR?! It can be a difficult task to explain to your kiddos why they can’t PR everyday. Their main focus is going up in “colors”. But, when the “colors” get to be too much you have to bring them back down. 

Teaching young athletes the importance of proper technique and form can be disheartening. No one wants to come within a kilo of a new PR just to have to go back down 3 kilos when their form deteriorates. The best approach with youth, especially ones who are still learning to comprehend technique over strength, is to train in multiple reps or different positions with limited chances of finding a max. 

Training your youth to know they can’t go on to the next “color” without making a perfect set is valuable. When you’re training in multiple reps, or positional, make sure to point out that your athlete is x kilos away from their latest 1 rep max. Most young athletes are capable of getting within a couple kilos. This can definitely boost their confidence and keep them motivated to know that a new max is within their reach the next time that chance comes around. 

Remember that youth are typically fast learners and can pick up corrections pretty quickly. Do not over coach them. Easy to understand and minimal cues are extremely important. Keep reinforcing training “perfect” sets and don’t try to overtrain their strength. Strength will develop as they age! 

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