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Keeping Kids Interested in Weightlifting

 In General, Olympic Weightlifting

In Olympic style Weightlifting we have two main lifts those being the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. We can also include squats as we do them as regularly as the two main lifts. With seemingly few lifts you’re probably wondering how we keep kids so engaged and wanting to do it more and more?

The key is mixing the two movements into different complexes performed from different phases of the lift. By doing this we are always introducing something new to the kids and they are always striving for a new personal record when attempting these complexes. This also gives us the ability to get the kids to do a lot of reps in a shorter period of time. Plus complexes are hard and they build the kids up very quickly! They often ask us why we do so many different complexes, because it makes them tired and why can’t we max out everyday?

The other thing that keeps kids interested is he fact that they are always trying to lift more weight and with how incredibly technical weightlifting is they are not always capable of lifting more weight each session. Complexes allow us to keep the weight manageable for the lifter and keeping them from going for a true max in their lifts. In weightlifting the weights or as we call them plates are color coordinated to ensure you always know what is on the bar. For the kids this becomes a game of adding colors to the bar and it’s really exciting when they get to add a new color they have never performed before!

As the kids get older they become more and more addicted to the sport due to the fact that it is increasingly more technical the better you get. As the lifts get heavier there are fewer errors and inaccuracies in the lift that you can get away with, without missing the lift.

Finally, let them have fun! If they want to dance, play games, sing and just play around a bit let them as long as they get their work done.  Keeping things too serious is never fun!

Maintaining interest in Olympic style weightlifting is about learning new and different complexes and building the technique to a level that allows for the lifter to easily lift the bar though this is much easier said than done.

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