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The Kipping pull-up is a technical movement that requires a significant amount of time to master and develop. You can break it into the following parts:

1) While hanging from the pull-up bar start by performing a hollow body by squeezing your belly and butt. You should have 100% control here.

2) Next whole hanging perform a superman. Do this by arching your back. 100% control should still be maintained here.

3) Now perform a hollow body and then transition to a superman. You should be able to transition under control and stop within immediately.

4) At this point you’re ready to do a superman, hollow body and drive your hips open. When you drive your hips open you should wait until they are all the way open to start using your arms.

5) Once you’ve put that all together and your chin is above the pull-up bar you can push away from the bar so you will go down into a superman. This will allow you to link multiple reps together.

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