Get off your wallet and actually get fit: Because nothing productive happens at the discount gym

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 Remember that time you bought the cheap phone charger…
And it stopped charging your phone after two weeks?
Or the time you took a chance on that clearance watermelon, and when you cut it open, it was soggy and foamy and inedible?
Or when you opted for the Ikea desk, only to have it spontaneously combust when you tried to move it to your new place?
Oh yeah, and the time you bought the $10 bi-weekly gym membership and never actually got fit?
You’ve heard it before, and you’re about to hear it again: You get what you pay for. Why would you think fitness would be any different?

You likely wouldn’t buy discount beef…

Unless you know your stomach is made of steel—and you shouldn’t buy a discount fitness plan.
(Disclaimer: Of course it’s possible to get fit with a $20 a month membership,
but more often than not people who sign up for them fall off the bandwagon so fast,
don’t lose a pound or gain an ounce of fitness in the process,
and then continue to pay their $10 bi-weekly for the next 11 months—or 11 years—

Until their contract expires

Or they realize money has been trickling out of their bank account for the last decade.
This type of gym’s entire business model is designed for people to pay and not actually show up. If everyone with a membership showed up, the gym wouldn’t be able to handle the volume of people).
Well, we are not the discount fitness facility. We do not cost $20 a month, and we do not have members who don’t show up. Our members pay a premium to train with us for a reason: They actually get fit.


Because, first, we’re a coaching facility. In other words, every time you come to the gym you will receive professional coaching.
If you’re interested in showing up with your headphones on and doing your own thing in the corner, we’re not for you.
If you’re interested in receiving personalized care that addresses your:
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Nutritional needs
  • And individual fitness and health goals, keep reading.

How life with us looks like that’s different than the discount gym:

  • With us, you will receive a personal coach, who will cater to your needs for as long as you’re here.
  • You will do one-on-one private training with this coach until you’re competent and self-sufficient enough to join group classes.
  • When you’re up to speed, you will graduate to group classes, where you will follow a systematic functional fitness program designed to get Olympic athletes and 75-year-old grandmas fit, and everyone in between (This doesn’t mean you will all do the same thing in class. It means you will have a thorough understanding at this point in terms of how to adopt the daily training stimulus to your specific needs).
  • You will continue to meet with your personal coach (in conjunction with group classes) once a week, once a month, once every six weeks, or once a quarter, depending on your needs and goals and financial budget.
  • You will become, and remain, more fit than you ever knew was possible.

Sound better than hopping on a treadmill or elliptical trainer while listening to your overplayed playlist for an hour, bored out of your mind, wondering if you’re ever going to lose that ring of pudge around your belly?

Contact us if youre interested in hearing more.

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