New Specialty Classes!

 In StoneAgeFuel

We are proud to introduce three new specialty classes to our class lineup at StoneAgeFuel! The new classes will be competition, mobility and Gymnastics core strength and conditioning. Below is an overview of what to expect from the new classes:

Competition (MW 7am-8:30am)
This class is geared towards those interested in the competitive aspect of CrossFit. A hierarchy of movements will determine the skill set appropriate to develop a high level CrossFit competitor. This class will be 90min long and will focus on the more technical aspects of CrossFit.

General outline of the class will be:
Gymnastics strength and conditioning Warm Up (15min)
Olympic Weightlifting segment (30min)
Strength Segment (20min)
Workout Segment (15-20min)

The hierarchy of movement for competitors are as follows:
1)Gymnastics and Weightlifting
3) all other skills

Mobility (M 11am-12pm)
This course will take a different area of the body and target it each week with different mobility techniques. The focus of this course is to create mobile, pain free athletes and preventing injuries. This course is also designed to teach you to perform basic maintenance on yourself to live healthier and to optimize athletic performance

Gymnastics Core Strength and Conditioning (W 11am-12pm)
This course will be targeted toward developing the CrossFit based gymnastics movements and developing core strength and conditioning to help maintain and achieve proper body positions in the gymnastics based movements. This course will follow a progression that builds on each skill set week by week. Skills we will focus on are:
-Core strength and conditioning
-Handstands and handstand walking
-Rings (ring dips, muscle ups etc)
-Bar work (pull-ups, chest to bar pull-up etc)

This course will be 100% focused on precision of movement and developing the key skills to attain these movements.

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