Our Code For Fitness

 In General, StoneAgeFuel

At StoneAgeFuel we want you to be fit for life.  In pursuing that we’ve developed our code for fitness. The code is what we think is the optimal way to not only get fit, but the best way to enjoy that fitness in everyday life and to keep enjoying it for years to come… Because the hardest part is sticking with it in the long run!

All too often we get started in fitness programs that force us to hit it hard, go all out and leave us a sweaty mess every single day. Sometimes 5-6 days a week combined with a very restrictive eating protocol. This is not usually sustainable for anyone and is a sure fire way to ensure that you don’t stick with the program longer than 90 days. Once people fall off these programs they generally gain all the weight back that they worked so hard to lose. This leads to being on the “yo yo” fitness regime where you’re always starting and stopping something, but never really stick to one single thing.

Our code for fitness is simple and has a few key aspects:

  • It starts with our fundamentals program. Designed to get you in the habit of coming to the gym and out of the habit of making excuses to avoid it. You’ll be given a 21 day guide with a meal plan and recipes that aren’t so incredibly restrictive you can’t follow it. The guide is based on helping real people live a little easier and eat a lot healthier.
  • Once you graduate fundamentals you’ll head into our group classes. As a fundamentals graduate you’ll already know everyone in the gym, which eliminates the scary aspect of joint come thing new with people you done know. You’ll also know how to perform each and every movement for that day. This gets rid of the feeling that you don’t know what you’re doing and helps you feel much more confident in your abilities in the class
  • We want you to come in the gym a minimum of three times a week and go out in nature, play with the family, try out a new sport or activity and go on an adventure once a year! This helps keep you engaged and motivated since you can see your training paying off!

Our code for fitness is simple and comes down to a few things. Come in the gym and train three times per week, eat clean 80% of the time and 20% of the time have some fun and enjoy yourself, play a new sport or go out and enjoy nature at least once a week, finally go on an adventure once a year! Follow this and you’ll ensure that you’re motivated and ready to train all year round for many many years to come!

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