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Reno/Sparks Paleo Friendly Eating Guide

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PALEO: Out & About!

It’s pretty easy to find a Paleo friendly restaurant in the Reno area and we have decided it would be highly beneficial to everyone if we posted up a list of the local eateries that have Paleo options. We have updated the list with suggestions from the community and some more places we have found in our travels!

Eclipse Pizza
Eclipse is a delicious pizza place with a running and biking theme in a casual and friendly environment. All you have to do is order any pizza and say you want it Paleo style! They will make the crust out of pepperoni and you will be delighted with the result. On top of this they have some really interesting names for their pizzas, some of which are the mustache ride, the iron man, and the situation. Inside tip: check the website for their secret menu!

Burger Me!
Burgers and sweet potato fries! What more can anyone ask for? Burger Me! has a commitment to quality, sustainability and local farms. Any burger on their menu can be ordered wrapped in lettuce, which is completely delicious and more so than with that dirty bun.

Jimmy Johns
A good choice if you’re in a hurry and need a paleo unwich in a hot second, because these guys are quick like lightning! For the Paleo enthusiast you’ll just need to pick a sandwich from the menu and tell them that you would like it as an unwich. They will then make it completely wrapped in lettuce for you in about 12 seconds!

Dicky’s Barbeque Pit
Amazing BBQ place that even has sweet potatoes! You can ask for the local menu complete with free range chicken and other delicious morsels. You cant go wrong with some meat and a sweet potato!

Squeeze In
Literally the greatest omelettes in the entire world! Breakfast here is always Paleo and you can sub the potatoes for a fruit cup filled with berries!

Midtown Eats
Quality, Local and delicious food customizable to your paleo desires. We highly recommend this place to any paleo enthusiast!

775 Gastropub
Grass fed burgers, lamb and they are always willing to do whatever they can to substitute sides to make your meal as paleo as you want it to be!

Deli Towne
Located in the shell station on Lakeside and Moana offering delicious lettuce wrapped sandwiches

Paisans Deli
Ask for the naked tri tip, which is tri tip on lettuce with onion, tomato and basil pesto. Delicious!

Great Full Gardens Midtown
Excellent establishment offering quality food and menu options that include the Paleo lunch bowl and many other offerings. Definitely check them out!

Batch Cupcakery
Paleo cupcakes…Enough said!

SoDo Reno
Many Paleo offerings, a very friendly staff and a great atmosphere make this one of our favorite Paleo friendly establishments!

What are your favorite Paleo dining establishments? Let us know in the comments so we can visit them and give them a good review!

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