Ridiculously Easy Tips for Healthy Eating on the Go!

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1) Steamer bags! You can get these bag as most major grocery stores. All you have to do is buy a bunch of veggies and steam them in the bags. Then put them bags in the fridge for the next day. You can steam a ton of veggies for the entire week this way and It only takes a few minutes of your time!

2) Food prep for a week! It makes it super easy to eat healthy when you prep your food on whatever day your Sunday is. If you prep for the entire week all you have to do is take it out of the fridge before you head out and you’re good to go! No more wandering around looking for something healthy to eat and settling for a not so healthy treat!

3) Always have a healthy snack on standby. This can be beef jerky, nuts, coconut flakes or veggies. If you have these healthy snacks with you then you won’t be tempted to give in and eat a candy bar or drink a soda just because its there! Convenience is king so make your healthy eating habits as convenient as possible!

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