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The Snatch Balance is an incredibly effective tool in developing the Snatch. This Accessory movement is excellent for developing speed under the bar, a tight bottom position and confidence under load. Your Snatch Balance should generally be about 10% higher than your Snatch and if you hookgrip while you Snatch then you should hookgrip while you Snatch Balance as well.

To perform the Snatch Balance do the following:
1) Set the bar up your traps and move your hands out to a Snatch grip

2) With your chest up dip with your weight balanced across the foot with an emphasis on the heels to prevent shooting forward at the same time drive your chest up to keep the back in a good position.

3) Drive up with your weight still balanced and your chest up.

4) As soon as you are fully extended push your body under the bar while riding the bar down to the full squat.

5) As soon as you catch the bar focus on spreading the bar apart and pushing up

6) Always look straight ahead and keep a balanced foot as you stand up.

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