So…What Should I Eat Before Working Out?

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imageFiguring out what to eat before you workout is about as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle. Do I eat right before? 1 hour before? Fruits? Meats? Veggies? I just don’t know!

Don’t fret though! At StoneAgeFuel Fitness we’ve already figured it out for you after working with many different people in many different situations.

So what do you need to eat before working out? Start with actually eating something…anything is better than nothing! Those who workout in the morning should especially get some kind of real food (more than a protein shake) in them before they workout.

We would ideally like to see you eat one hour before and include three things :

1) Some kind of meat, which can be anything from beef jerky to a steak to some turkey or chicken. Get some protein in your system!

2) Carbohydrates are the bodies preferred source of fuel and need to be consumed before working out in order to be at your best and not feel lethargic or dizzy. Pre workout is a great time to consume some veggies or starchy carbohydrates like sweet potatoes or some fruits.

Stick to these simple instructions and you should be good to go during your workout! Say good bye to the lethargic and low energy workouts and say hello to beast mode!

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