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In order to fuel your performance and give your body what it needs to not only survive, but to thrive we need to focus on quality foods and make sure the tank is full. We find it all too common that quality foods are consumed, but the tank is only left half full. This leads to decreased performance in your sport of choice or the inability to gain any weight, which is a common complaint from the hard gainers.

Our athletic performance guide considers the following foods high quality. These should be consumed regularly: meats (including seafood), eggs, dairy (if you don’t present problems with it), veggies, sweet potatoes, fruits and white rice. If you stick with this list and don’t stray from it then you’ll have an easy time with the quality side of things. If you have to question what you’re eating then you probably have a food that shouldn’t be eaten.

The next step is consuming them in the proper quantities. We can eat quality foods, but when we’re trying to fuel for performance we need to focus on how much gas we put in the tank. Not enough and you bonk out and underperform! For proteins we want to consume 1-1.5g per pound of body weight. Start off in the 1g range and then go up if you are lagging or not where you want to be. For carbohydrates consume 2-3g per pound of bodyweight. Consume closer to the 2g range unless you are not where you want to be. For fats just add them in for flavor whenever the opportunity presents itself.

In a nutshell the athletic protocol is designed for those that need to consume a ton of calories to be able to participate in their sport of choice or for those hard gainers who need to gain some weight. The focus must always be on quality foods combined with the right amounts. Follow this and you’re well on your way to a successful and properly fueled athletic career!

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