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Ever wondered what the best way to lose weight was, but are often conflicted due to the massive amount of contradictory information? For us the biggest thing is following the scientific methods and that means everything we do must contain data and the data must be observable, measurable and repeatable.

With this in mind we created the StoneAgeFuel Weight Loss Protocol. This protocol is simple, but not easy and you must make a commitment to follow the protocol and not make excuses as to why it’s too hard or doesn’t fit your current lifestyle. Results are earned by those who make the decision to commit to them. Failures are earned by those who use excuses to hide behind the inability to push through a difficult task.

To start you need to get rid of all processed foods from your pantry and start with 30 days strict. After this 30 days you can go to the 80/20 protocol where you are good 80% of the time and cheat 20% of the time. Also be sure to take both before and after photos and measurements. The things you should be eating are as follows: lean meats including fish, veggies, eggs and fruits. Drinks should be limited to black coffee, tea and water. Anything that is outside this list and any items you have to question should be disregarded and not acceptable on this weight loss guide.

Eating clean is half the battle with the other half being portion control. We recommend only eating until about 80% full. Meaning when you start to feel a little bit full stop eating and don’t gorge yourself until you feel like you need a 4 hour nap post meal. Avoid second servings and work to be able to know how much you can eat in one serving. Second helpings can and often cause overeating. Finally eat when you’re hungry and do not eat when you’re not. The supposed benefit to eating six times per day is not founded in science and in some cases can make weight loss more difficult.

Stick with the recommendations above and you’ll be on the fast track to long term sustainable success in your health. Avoid trying to get away with questionable foods and keep is simple!

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