Stop Wishing….Start Doing 

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Strong Like Bull at StoneAgeafuel fitness reno (crossfit stoneagefuel) Ever wish you could just accomplish everything you’d like to do and ride off into the sunset feeling like you totally seized the day? Well what’s holding you back?

In life and in fitness you can be one of two kinds of people. You can either be a wisher or a doer. Wishers will always wish they had done something and will always regret not doing it. Doers go out and do what the wisher wishes they could have done or would have been brave enough to do.

In fitness people in the wisher camp have goals and will always put them off due to whatever excuse they can find. Time goes on and their goals seem farther and farther away and nothing ever gets accomplished. This leads to feelings of regret and the attitude that they wish they would have done something to help, but now feel like they’re too far gone when in reality you’re never too far gone to attain your goals!

The doers find what they want and where they want to be and surround themselves with people who have what they want. They endlessly pursue their goals and when they finally attain them they’ve already thought up a new set of goals to continue to pursue their passions. In fitness the doers make decisions before they’ve even started as to where they want to be and how they want to train. The decision for them is not how to start its where to start and what fits them best.

The beauty of all of this is a wisher can easily become a doer. All the wisher has to do is stop making excuses and start making decisions to do what they need to do to attain their goals. Once the decision is made you’ll leave regret behind and relentlessly pursue your goals and passions!

Now the questions is; are you a wisher or a doer?

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