Summer Body Challenge Week 1!

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Congrats on making it through the first week of the Fluff to Tuff 6 Week Summer Body Challenge!  The first week is all about learning this new style of eating and you can expect a little bit of lethargy, but should feel generally better!

The Paleo lifestyle is a difficult one to get into and understand, but you all have the help of some of the most knowledgeable people in the world on the topic of Paleo nutrition or Evolutionary Health!  Keep on the path to a new you in terms of health and fitness and follow your guides as we have developed them to guide you along the way.

Your guides are the product of working with thousands of people before you and they have been developed to balance the challenges that come with this challenge so you do not get stuck or frustrated.

Once again congrats on taking the challenge and we look forward to 5 more weeks of working with you!

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