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The Clean is part of one of the two Olympic lifts. Those being the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. In order to perform the Clean safely and effectively it is incredibly important to learn technique and practice with light weight until the movement becomes crisp. To perform the Clean do the following:

-Approach the bar and set the bar so it is over the base of your toes. It should not be touching your shins in your starting position.
-Grab the bar with a hookgrip. A hookgrip is simply placing your thumb on the bar and covering it with your fingers
-Set your hips up so they are just above parallel
-Squeeze your shoulder blades together and keep your back tight. It’s important to keep your arms loose.
-Take a big deep breath and as you begin the first pull push your knees back while keeping your chest up and back tight. Your weight will stay in the ball of the foot for the entire lift. It should not be in your heels at the start
-As you reach the knee your shins should be straight up and down
-Once you pass the knee you’ll keep your knees back until you reach the mid thigh at the same time you will sweep the bar back using your arms. It’s important to keep your arms straight and not bend them in this phase.
-Once you get to mid thigh you will begin to open the hips by jumping straight up. Make sure to stay on your whole foot as long as possible. If you go on your toes early you risk losing the lift in front
-Once you’ve reached the peak of your extension from jumping you will pull the bar up and begin pulling yourself under the bar
-Catch the bar in a front rack position and keep the elbows up while staying tight in the entire body
-Stand up and you’ve completed the lift!

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