The Couch Stretch

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The couch stretch is an excellent stretch to loosen up the quads and to help alleviate pain in the upper portion of the knee commonly. To perform this stretch do the following:

1) Find a wall and kneel in front of it.
2) Place the the top of your knee on the ground (you can use a pad to rest your knee on if needed) and the top of your foot against a wall.
3) Try to get your shin as close to the wall as possible.
4) Lift your chest so it is upright and squeeze your belly and your butt.

Try to hold this stretch for up to 1:00min for three rounds on each side. You can do this stretch against a wall, on top of your coach or anywhere else you can think of. Alternatively if it is too difficult to do this stretch you can do it standing by holding your leg to make it a bit easier.

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