The Myth Behind Six Meals Per Day 

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 We’ve all heard it before…if you want to boost your metabolism it’s important to eat six meals a day! The question is does this make any sense from a scientific perspective or is it a myth that has stuck with us for generations and has never been busted?
The idea behind eating 6 meals per day is that it will control blood glucose levels, leave you feeling full and ultimately kick start the weight loss you’ve been dreaming of. The problem with this logic is that there is not much (if any) actual science backing up this nifty theory, in fact meal frequency for our ancestors was unheard of and all over the place. Sometimes they would have plenty of meals throughout the day and other times they would have little to no food. This may be a big reason why we respond well to simply eating when we’re hungry and not eating when we’re not and why intermittent fasting can sometimes be beneficial to our health.

The next problem arises when we eat too little food and also when we eat too much. With either of these we will release stress releated hormones signaling the body something is wrong and ultimately storing fat. When you eat too little you can easily store fat, but have a big problem actually releasing it. Thereby negating your weight loss goals quickly. Eating too much and focusing on 6 meals a day can cause your pancreas to continually release insulin and is a quick trip to type 2 diabetes.

So what do we recommend for optimal health? At StoneAgeFuel we recommend focusing on eating when your hungry and not eating when your not. This is generally three times per day for the average person, but can be more or less depending on activity levels. If you feel a little bit hungry that’s a sign to eat!

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