The Myths of StoneAgeFuel

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StoneAgeFuel? Is it a CrossFit gym? Is it a personal training studio? Do they just do kids weightlifting? What is this MadLab I keep hearing about when people talk about them?

Let’s give an in-depth explanation of who and what we are, and also, why we do it!

Here at StoneAgeFuel School of Fitness, formerly known as CrossFit StoneAgeFuel, we do personal training, group fitness, youth sports performance and youth weightlifting. Yes, we are a CrossFit gym or, at least what it was intended to be.

Of course, as the gym’s head trainer, I would love to say we are the best gym in town, but that would be untrue. Even if I think I am the best head coach, with the best gym owners and the best interns, our program doesn’t work for everyone, but it is perfect for someone.

We take an individualized, corrective exercise approach to CrossFit where our program is based around eliminating chronic pain and getting you back to the ablest person you once were. Not getting you ready for the CrossFit Games.

Ok? Give me details….

We encourage people to take advantage of our free sit down consultation, where I will ask your medical history, tell you about myself, explain how our program works and ask for the true, down and dirty reason why you are looking to join a gym/change your life.

Afterward, we will agree whether or not our program is a good fit for you. We are not afraid to send people to other gyms and trainers we trust if we think you would benefit more from it. Our battle is not with other gyms, it is with the couch and food companies making a living off of lowering your quality of life and shortening your life expectancy.

If we do agree our program will suit you and your needs, I will invite you to our 3 session assessment, that allows me to see all of your mobility restrictions, muscular imbalances, reason’s for chronic pain, etc. It will give me the foundation on which to build the programming for your personal training fundamentals.

This is also an opportunity in which you get to learn how I am as a coach, where again you may find that you would prefer someone else. This has never actually happened to me personally, but it does not mean that it will not. Again, I only want what is best for you, and if it’s not me, I’ll do MY BEST to get you to someone who will be.

So, let’s say you get through the assessment. What now? Now I tell you an estimate of how many personal training sessions I will need to work with you to get you ready for group classes. We do this to make sure you are given the individual attention you need, to learn proper movement, to eliminate mobility restrictions you may have, to ease you into the complexities of true health and make it less overwhelming than being thrown straight into a group class of seasoned members.

Here you also learn how to scale to your personal needs, what your limitations are, and how to customize our program to fit your personal goals.

Once you graduate from fundamentals, you have the option to stay in personal training or go to group classes and join our membership community, where you will probably find a bunch of like-minded individuals who will welcome you with open arms, who also can relate to you from day one, because they had to go through a fundamentals too.

They most likely were also there to encourage you during your graduation workout, as I do my best to schedule it with you during the class time you plan to show up most often too. That way we can make introductions and meet the people you’ll be working out most often with.

Kind of eliminates any awkwardness, and again, that overwhelming feeling of being thrown to the wolves of seasoned vets. Because you were given the individual attention you deserve, you’ll graduate with confidence that you’re ready for the next step.

Yes, we work with youth for weightlifting. Most of them come in during the offseason to take advantage of our extremely knowledgeable youth coaching to get better at their respective sports and to learn to prevent injury. Some are there just to be a part of our weightlifting team or because it is an activity they enjoy to keep them healthy.

You won’t find us at many of the local CrossFit competitions, simply because our members haven’t asked us to take them there. MadLab? They are the business consulting group that helped us create this new program that we all believe best suits the need of our community.

Starting 1-on-1 and then moving on to the group. Focusing on you, not a large group of people whom all need attention but aren’t really getting it.

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