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The push-up is a seemingly simple movement that has many different and important pieces to it. It’s important to understand how to do it properly in order to protect the shoulders!
Here’s how to perform the push-up:

  • Start with your hands under your shoulders or slightly outside of your shoulders. Squeeze your belly and squeeze your butt
  • Tuck your elbows into your ribs and keep them in and from flaring out. It’s important to not let your elbows flare out significantly or you risk developing a shoulder impingement
  • Go down until your chest and chin both touch the floor. Stay tight the entire time!
  • If you cannot perform a push-up this way then either: drop down on your knees and perform the movement in the same way from your knees or go down as you would regularly and let your chest come up first and then your hips.

The push-up is a highly effective movement that is necessary to perform properly to reduce the risk of injury when performing multiple reps.

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