Time-Saving Life Tips to MAKE TIME for Fitness

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The two biggest excuses people give for letting their fitness slip:

I have been so busy.

I dont have time.

It has always boggled my mind that people accept their alleged lack of time or busy schedule as a legitimate reason to let their health and fitness take a turn for the worst.

That being said, Im going to give you the benefit of the doubt for a moment!

Lets assume youre really truly SO busy that you cant find 4 hours each week for your physical fitness.

I bet you can save timelikely multiple hours each weekin many other places in your life that you can then reallocate directly to fitness.

If you employed any of the following time-saving tactics, do you still think youd be too busy for fitness?

Batch Cook

Food prep inevitably takes up a lot of timeespecially if youre trying to eat healthy meals.

If you have a family and you cook most nights, it makes sense that after work your mind is on what youre going to make for dinner instead of on heading to the gym.

Solution: Batch cook 3 or 4 nights of meals in one day (or evening). This doesnt mean you have to have the same dinner 4 nights in a row.

If youre dealing with something like ground beef, put together some meatballs, some burgers and some stuffed red peppers all in one go.

Or make tons of burger patties and freeze some for later. Whatever you do, prioritize making enough food for at least 3 meals each time you cook.

It will free up hours of time each week.

Order Groceries Online

Grocery shopping isnt that much fun, especially if you find yourself at the store during the busy evening hours, bumping into shopping carts and waiting in obnoxious line-ups as you cope with uninspired cashiers who lack any kind of detectable sense of urgency.

Ordering the bulk of your groceries online is so SIMPLE, FAST and EASY,  youll never go back to those line-ups.

Most online grocery services only require 24 hours notice, and if you spend a certain amount of money, theres usually no delivery fee.

Order Pre-Made Meals

Similar to the above, there are tons of options these days for healthy pre-made meal services. Granted theyre not the most economical, but if you have the money, why not?

If you currently go out for lunch most days, it wont be any more expensive than that. And likely a lot healthier.

Work instead of twiddling your thumbs as you wait

Modern technology means more and more people have at least some part of their job thats portable.

And most people also have moments of their day where they find themselves waiting for something or someone.

For example, meeting a friend for drinks and she texts you telling you shes running 15 minutes late?

Pull out your phone and answer emails instead of scrolling through Facebook.

Waiting for your dentist or physiotherapist whos running 20 minutes late?

Log 20 minutes of work instead of sitting there feeling bitter that youre wasting time waiting.

Youd be surprised how many little taskswork tasks, online banking tasks etc etc..you can take care of if you devote your usually-wasted waiting time each week to being a little more productive.

And youll find yourself less annoyed at whoever youre waiting for.

Hire a cleaner

I had to clean my house is another common excuse people give for why they ran out of time to make it to the gym.

Solution: Hire a cleaner, even if its just for 2 to 3 hours once a week. Many people dont look into it because it seems like just another cost.

But the cost of a cleaner is usually only between $15 and $20. A relatively small price to pay if it buys you all the time you need to take care of your physical fitness requirements.

It doesnt have to be a cleaner.

Contract out jobs youre slow at, or things you just dislike doing. Itll not only free up time, but itll help decrease your stress, too.

I know, I know, I probably sound like a patronizing parent when I say this, but Im going to say it anyway:

Your I dont have enough timeline is but an excuse.

There are always places in your life where you can make changes to save time that you can then devote to one of the most important things in the world:


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