Tips for Scheels Summer Throwdown!

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imageCompetition tips from your friendly neighborhood StoneAgeFuel Reno staff:

Duo Deadlift
-designate one person as the counter
-say ready? Other person says ready
-say up then at the top say down
-stay on the count and

-count together 1,2,3 as you go done and jump then jump at the top
-do not stop communicating!

Farmers carries
-one person hold the bar up while the other strips the weight off.
-do one side at a time!!
-carry the bar on opposite sides

Thruster and jump rope AMRAP
-perform the thrusters
-when you put the bar down after each set count to 3 then pick it back up
-unbroken jump ropes while partner does thrusters.

5:50-50 workout
-split everything in half or whatever you need to split it in no matter how awesome you are at each movement. Do not try to to all 50 of anything. Use your partner!!
-step up/step down if box is 20″ or below

-communication on Deadlifts
-bar stripping
-communication on burpees
-thrusters while other partner is doing jump ropes
-practice the 50 workout, but 25 of everything

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