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on Try Weightlifting For Free Day

Where more than 200 USA Weightlifting-affiliated clubs will open their doors on April 22, 2017 to allow athletes of all ages to learn why Olympic Weightlifting is beneficial for a healthy life.

Why Weightlifting?

We think Weightlifting is a terrific sport for athletes of any discipline and any age. In fact we start kids as young as 8 years old. Not only can it build confidence, it can build the strength needed to succeed in other sports.

Try Weightlifting For Free Day is an opportunity for people to try out our sport, for free, with no obligation to join.

Is Weightlifting Safe?

Olympic Weightlifting is one of the safest sports for youth athletes. According to the Journal of Strength Conditioning in Research, Olympic Weightlifting was at the bottom of the list of Sport Injuries.

Track & field, Cheerleading, Basketball and Soccer saw more injuries than Olympic Weightlifting in their study.

Furthermore, a benefit of this event happening in USA Weightlifting Sanctioned Clubs like us is that new athletes will be coached by experts of our sport and experts who have experience working with both kids and adults.

Look at the map below to find a participating club in your area.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the form below or the USA Weightlifting National Office at [email protected]

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