Weight Loss….An Emotional Journey

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Those who have tried to lose weight have probably been through the ups and downs of weight loss. It starts with a goal from some sort of inspiration whether it be from Instagram or someone you look up to posting their healthy lifestyle and results. That journey takes many different roads with ups, downs and everything in between. The process can crush people and cause them to undo any progress that has been gained.

The journey starts with choosing to either eat healthier or start exercising. We usually start with some basic measurements and progress pics. Either way at first everything goes according to plan and the weight just seems to melt off, but after a while it just stalls out. This is incredibly frustrating for those people who have been feeling a newfound sense of confidence from the weight loss.


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After this bump in the road and small blow to our confidence the next step is to add in either the exercise or the healthy eating. Whichever one wasn’t started in the first place. This is where the scale may be lying to you as it may still refuse to move down. The reality of it is you may be losing inches, but due to being stuck to the scale we are not seeing the progress we are making. The scale not moving is a blow to confidence, but the inches lost are a bit of a gain and hopefully we have taken some more progress pics to show how real the results actually are!

This whole process can take years to do effectively with these ups and downs all over the place. The common theme that separates those who have attained their goals vs. those who didn’t is perseverance. The will to keep going even when it seems like we are losing. The people who persevere are the ones who a year or two down the road are now giving others advice and posting their amazing progress for all to see. You’re strong enough to accomplish anything as long as you stick to your plan, seek out help when needed and push through the hard times.

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Always remember that weight loss and the incredible journey that accompanies it are a marathon and not a sprint. We must be ready to wait for the true results for a year or even two years. The best way to get though this is to set small measurable goals in three month increments. That way you have a checkpoint to look forward to and not just the long journey ahead.


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For those thinking about starting we will leave you with a quote to encourage you to get started:

“The best time to plan a tree was 20 years ago…the second best time is today!”

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