Why Do We Hurt?

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Why do we hurt blog post!
Many many people wake up everyday hurting from issues they don’t know how to resolve. This may be pains in the shoulder, knees, back or any other body part. These same people that hurt don’t know why they hurt or what to do about it. So they continue hurting everyday of their lives and learn to deal with it, because they assume it’s a normal thing that everyone has to deal with as they age.

The problem with this thinking is that you shouldn’t hurt everyday and aside from an issue every once in a while you should live relatively pain free! People start to develop these pains from years of sitting, standing, walking and even sleeping with poor posture and in poor positions and this combined with poor eating habits and little to no exercise is a recipe for disaster as your body attempts to deal with the abnormal state you’ve put it in. Though your body is able to deal with abnormalities happening in the short term years of neglect force it to adapt to a less than optimal state.

Now how do we resolve these issues? Start by working on your posture as you sit and stand all day. Keep your core tight, push your chest up so you don’t have a hunch in your back and drive your shoulders back into a position that is back and not forward. Just try to be conscious of this at first and then gradually work on it until it’s automatic and you don’t have to think about it.

Let’s work on the diet part now. Due to not eating well over the years you’ve been living in a state of silent inflammation and thanks to all the not so healthy food you’ve been enjoying this inflammation is felt in the joints with constant pains. To alleviate this problem we need to focus on a diet that consists of meats and veggies and maybe a bit of fish oil to help control the inflammation. Stick to these foods as your main foods and you’ll be feeling better in no time!

Finally we need to get active and moving around to get that body feeling fresh again and in shape enough to function properly. Of course you can come see us for a great introduction to fitness, but you can also start by going for a brisk walk three times per week for about 30 mins, adding in some push ups, sit-ups and air squats and then including some basic stretching for the upper and lower body and you’re good to go!

If you’re interested in guidance on how to set this all up and you’re finally ready to be pain free then come see us for a done for you program to kickstart your life and to kickstart your health!

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