Why do YOU do what you do?…..

 In General

…..For fame? For glory? Or for yourself? Yes, you must work hard in order to get what you want. Whether it be reaching a new squat max, losing weight, or even just getting a better grade in school. A lot of performance is based on what people see, if it wasn’t recorded then it didn’t happen. For example, achieving a new world record squat in training. Now that doesn’t count unless you were in a competition. But now is it worth more to work harder when people are watching or when no one else is around?

Imagine there are two athletes, athlete A and athlete B. Both of them are in the same sport working towards the same goal, and that is to make it to the pro world. Athlete A is naturally better than athlete B, physically and skillfully. Athlete A is better than his peers and doesn’t focus on areas he needs to worrk on where as athlete B does. Athlete B wants to continue to become better and better everyday. That could be being faster, making less mistakes or having the right mindset. He also practices by himself to make him better.

This is a great example of working hard without anyone else watching. Integrity is an important asset to a person’s life in order to become successful. Now it doesn’t just have to be in your athletic performance. It could also mean fixing up your nutrition. Yes you may have the worlds finest nutrition plan made for you and you only, but when you’re home alone craving for that chocolate bar late at night are you going to eat it and act like nothing happened or are you going to stay disciplined and not eat it? If you really want to lose weight and gain muscle, you have to follow your new nutrition plan because your previous nutrition plan was working against you or you aren’t making any gains. So staying disciplined the whole time will make the biggest difference in your athletic performance.

When doing things right when no one is watching will not only help you perform better, but will help develop the right mind set on everything else in life. For example, when looking at the dishes and say you will do it later. That mindset will soon translate into your work. Doing that project you need will be delayed because you have that mindset of “oh I can do that later”. Another case could be you did do the work project on time but its not at a high quality piece that you needed it to be because you thought it was easy and you didn’t focus on making things better.

So doing things right and correctly the first time will have the right attitude in whatever they’re doing in life. You may not like doing things before the final prize but keeping a good mind and telling yourself that it’s all worth it in the end. That is the difference between a good person to a great person. So, what are you going to do?

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