Why Fitness Should Be a Priority 

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Everyone makes goals to better their fitness and most everyone fails to attain those goals. This is generally not due to a lack of ability or a lack of fitness. Failing has nothing to do with a busy lifestyle, family, work etc and it definitelyhas nothing to do with how much time is available. 

So what causes people to fail in the fitness and health goals they set for themselves? The biggest issue is not prioritizing what’s important to them. Most people will talk themselves out of doing anything fitness related and simply will not do what they set out to do. Each and every day you go to work, take care of your family and finish most of the things that you prioritize for that day and here’s the problem with fitness. It’s not high on people’s priorities list in everyday life as it’s easy to just brush off as something that would be nice, but is not attainable. 

Now if fitness is not a priority and your family is. What will you do when you cannot get up off the couch to spend time with them due to sickness from not taking care of yourself? What happens when you can no longer go to work and your family has to survive on disability? What about those new medications you have to take due to poor health habits that take up half your paycheck? 

All of a sudden fitness seems like a pretty important priority when you look at it in the big picture right? Prioritize your health, because your life literally depends on it. 


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