Why I Am Not A Bodybuilder…

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“What do you do for leg day?”, “You don’t work biceps or chest?” “Are you competing in a show anytime soon?”.  Everyday is leg day when you are a weightlifter, no I’m not wearing a sparkly bikini and getting a spray tan, and no, I don’t do isolated movements to work particular muscle groups.

**DISCLAIMER**: In no way do i mean to offend anyone who is a competitive bodybuilder.

For the past year or so of my life I have closely observed the fitness industry and its many complex layers. When deciding where I wanted to be in the whole mess of it, I had to dig deep within myself and find the element that made me the most satisfied. Fitness, my fitness is what made me satisfied, how fast I was, how strong I was, and so on. We as a society have limited people to how good they look as a symbol of strength. The reason I have become so inclined to present myself in a new way is to be a voice among the masses of physique obsessed, online “coaches”. The world is full of them. The new breed of professional coaches are among us dying to improve people’s health with science based evidence and pain erasing corrective exercise. I don’t want to give people a 1200 calorie allowance and tell them to run on a treadmill.

I write this to you, because on numerous occasions I have been told I need to post more pictures of my physique (as in my “glutes”) to gain a bigger following. 1.) That has nothing to do with how fit O am. 2.) I’m sending a message that your health, well being, strength, and fitness are much, much more important than how big your butt is.

In the world we live in right now, physique building just isn’t enough. With the overall health of our population in a constant decline, the need for a professional to educate, and empower people’s health is rapidly apparent. Unfortunately, many people are cashing out on these sick people. Online coaches and bodybuilding spreadsheets are a dime a dozen. Why would you pay thousands of dollars on surgeries, and pills, but not for a coach to help you naturally regain your life and basically make you human again? Why is a professional who has dedicated their life to helping and educating others in a professional manner a “luxury item” ? But you will waste your time letting someone who does not care about you, or your health take money from your bank account, while you continue to pay the doctor, because “Hey! We all want to look good in a bikini right?”.

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